Michael Josephs


The work of the award-winning American composer Michael Josephs includes concert music, film scoring, and solo work.

Drawing from a multitude of styles and genres, Josephs' music is often a third unspoken voice in a film, an equal partner with picture and dialog.

Recent projects include scores for Wild Kingdom, National Geographic, HBO, BBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, The History Channel, and many others. 

Michael received a National Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for his score for the series Thoroughbred. He has received numerous other awards. 

Michael was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He spent his formative musical years in Detroit, Michigan.  


"Michael Josephs is the most original composer I have ever worked with. He always enhances the emotion and the pacing of the visuals, and works effortlessly among a broad range of styles."

Joseph Cortina


"Michael Josephs’ work adds a layer of understanding to a movie. He has a remarkable ability to convey the correct emotional mood, so that the music is integral to the finished film."

Gerardine Wurzburg


"Michael...I knew there was an explanation for the bells I've been hearing !"

Leslie Nielsen