Michael Josephs on the scoring stage
Primetime Emmy Awards  Los Angeles 2001 with Laura & Jens Josephs
"Eyewitness" recording sessions at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles  (l-r) Jack Hurley, John Kurlander, Michael Josephs, Vanessa Parr
Director Joe Cortina, Producer Jack Hurley & Assistant Engineer Vanessa Parr at a mixing session
Michael with musicians from the Toho Koto Society  recording a score for the BBC
Recording in Eastern Europe
Recording “Decisions That Shook the World” with  vocalist Sheila Adams
Dateline Saigon Session : Bias Recording Studios
Engineer Bob Dawson
Michael and Laura Josephs
Guitarist Paul Bell recording overdubs for "Wolf"
Michael Josephs with Orchestra Contractor James Fitzpatrick
Brass & Woodwind overdubs  for a PBS Special
National Cathedral Choirmaster Douglas Major recording Gregorian  chants for “Banished”
Engineer John Kurlander working on a mix at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles
Klara Josephs: Music Assistant Extraordinaire
Listening to playback
Robert Redd on piano
Chuck Redd on vibes
Recording session
Dateline Saigon Recording Session
Paul Langosch : a rare moment on electric bass
Guitarist Dave Chappell and Director Tom Herman
Bruce Swaim : Dateline Saigon Session
Tracking Session
Mix Session
Christina Wensel records violin solos
Brass overdubs for Army Theatre film
Michael Josephs
Tracking vocals for Army Theatre film
Vocalist Tommy Lepson working on lyrics with Daisy the Dog.
Tracking Session
Recording “The Road” for  National Geographic  Ahmad Borhani plays the Ney
Tracking Session
Jimmy D's Lounge Detroit 197?
Pavella & Dakova
2018 Studio Manager Pavella and Security Chief Daisy
Daisy & Pavella Josephs.jpg
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